Resources for Hope and Community Change

Alliance for Healthy Communities (AHC) is prepared to help parents, families and community members connect with a variety of resources that can aid in healthy development, resources that can facilitate knowledge and understanding and resources that can provide help when families struggle. By including any resource, AHC is not endorsing a particular organization or its services. Any choice of utilization is entirely that of the parent/legal guardian.

Resources for Concerned Parents

It can be deeply difficult to determine a child’s need for professional help regarding substance abuse and other behavioral health challenges. Even when the need for help is clear, determining which resources among the many varieties available can be overwhelming. We recommend concerned parents read the Treatment E-Book made available by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids before deciding upon a treatment resource. We will also feature blogs from parents who have dealt with a child’s substance abuse to help guide your decision by reading how others handled similar situations. Click here to learn more for more information about local treatment resources.

Resources for Youth

Peers have tremendous influence on each other. This applies to virtually every aspect of personal experience, including individual and shared attitudes, choices and beliefs. The resources we’re offering here provide science-based information about alcohol and other drugs that we hope will be beneficial to youth and their peers. Periodically, we’ll feature blogs from area youth whose experiences with addiction have motivated them to “pass on” the wisdom derived from their experience. If you know of resources we should consider for inclusion, please click here to let us know.

Resources for AHC Community Partners

AHC community partners are the lifeblood of our ability to make any difference in reducing local rates of youth substance abuse. Our partners represent all facets of our communities. In their personal and professional roles they serve children and families, congregations, classrooms, police departments, business groups, first responders, youth organizations and healthcare professionals, among others. AHC seeks to support our partners by providing connections to information and support resources, including blog entries from individuals whose passion for healthy youth and substance abuse prevention motivates them to share their perspectives and experience.

Why Become a AHC Partner

The challenges and consequences of continuing high rates of youth substance abuse impact every person and organization in our communities. Individual potential is ruined, lives are lost, friendships and families are torn apart, job applicant quality is reduced and the overall sense of safety within neighborhoods is diminished as consequences of youth alcohol and drug abuse and addiction. However, this damage is preventable!

Partnerships and collaboration are the keys for success. No one individual or organization can do the work that’s needed on the scale that’s required. As an AHC partner, you will be able to join your and/or your organization’s capacities with the capacities of others in collaborative efforts to create communities where underage drinking and youth drug abuse are less common and less accepted.