Resources for Concerned Parents

Life for teens can be complicated! In the context of digital and social technologies, the intensity of pressures today’s teens face is great and potentially very damaging. And every parent or caregiver wants to do the best job they can to understand and support their kids.

It can be deeply difficult to determine a child’s need for professional-medical help regarding substance abuse and other behavioral health challenges. And even when the need for help is clear, identifying the best resources, among the many available, can be overwhelming. We recommend concerned parents read the Treatment E-Book made available by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids before deciding upon a treatment resource.

The links below provide information on difficult issues and related resources impacting todays teens and their parents.

Parent Resources – Drugs & Alcohol

Heroin in the New Millennium –
No needles required!

Regarding learning, performance,
healthy development and the law. It’s a Big Deal!

Opioid Medications listed in order of relative strength – oral consumption.

Teenage Prescription Medication Abuse – A Collision of Impulse, Access and Culture.

The state’s Minor in Possession Law (MIP) has been expanded to include possession by consumption.

Saint Louis, MO, area locations of year round medication drop boxes.

E-cigarettes, or vapes, are dangerous and exploding in popularity among area teens.

Parent Resources – Other

Internet Safety Tips
Tool or Toy: Child Safety Hangs in the Balance

Party Management 101
Planning + Supervision = Safety

PROMise to be
Safe, Sober and Drug Free

Come Home From HomeComing
Safe, Sober and Drug Free

Teens who can manage the anxieties in their lives are less likely to use drugs or alcohol.

Use this link to request an Alliance for Healthy Communities parent toolkit

A one-stop resource for information about over-the-counter medicines

A comprehensive monitoring tool for assuring internet, texting and social media safety.

Parent Resources – Helpline

Behavioral Health Response (BHR) Crisis hotline (can come to your house to assess/assist):

314-469-6644 or 1-800-811-4760

Life Crisis Hotline :

314-467-HELP (4357) or 1-800-273-8255

Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO) – staffed by teens :

314-644-KUTO (5886)