Homecoming Safety –
Come Home From HomeComing
Safe, Sober and Drug Free

Simple Things That Assure Safety

1. Know the Plans

  • Who’s Driving- To and From- Think twice about allowing your “under-classman” child to travel and party with upper-classmen. There’s a world of developmental difference between freshmen and juniors/seniors
  • Who’s Going- Names and Numbers- children’s names and cell #s and parent’s names and cell #s.
  • Where and When- dinner, dance and after party locations, sequence and contact info.
  • Curfew- they really don’t need to stay out all night or until all hours.
  • Touch Base- text or quick calls to confirm all is well and evening is going according to plan.
  • NO PLAN CHANGES without your involvement.
  • Wait up to happily hear all the fun stories

2. After Party Safety

  • NO ALCOHOL or other drugs.
  • Location, supervision and time frames.
  • If kids leave the party, they can’t return.
  • Food and beverages available are provided, not brought in.
  • If your son or daughter gets more than one party invitation, have your child pick one and avoid “party hopping”.
  • Offer to help the hosts, or if you’re hosting, ask for help.
  • 3. General Safe Practice

  • Keep garage doors closed – HomeComing often occurs in the warmer season when many of us leave our garages open. “Garaging” is a common means for bolder teens to access alcohol.
  • Keep alcohol and medications safely locked out of
    sight to reduce temptations and access.
  • Provide a Safety Net

  • Talk candidly with your teen about balancing safety and fun. Ask about their expectations and concerns.
  • Provide an “out” for your teen. Be available to “rescue” them from unsafe circumstances provide the ride or money for taxi.
  • Communicate/network with other parents to assure common expectations.
  • Take stock of your alcohol and lock it up. Consider it “age appropriate cabinet latching”.

  • Things to Know

    Revised MIP Statute:

    The Missouri Liquor Control Law (Chapter 311.325) states that if it can be shown that a minor has consumed alcohol, the minor can be charged with Minor in Possession (MIP). It is no longer necessary for possession of containers, open or otherwise, as a basis for arrest.

    Local Curfew Laws

    Throughout the region, it is unlawful for anyone under the age of 17 to be in a public or unsupervised place between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM Sunday-Thursday and 12 Midnight to 6 AM Friday-Saturday, unless
    accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Social Hosting Liability

    Local municipalities and the state of Missouri have laws that make it illegal for adults to allow underage drinking on their property – wittingly or not.