LoveU2Pieces is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization located in Brentwood, MO that supports families living with autism spectrum and related disorders. Our services offer a unique approach by focusing specifically on families of children ages 3-17 who are high functioning on the autism spectrum. We believe our specialized focus allows us to more effectively partner, connect, and thrive with the families in our care. Our Social Connections social skills groups help children on the spectrum learn how to more successfully interact with their peers to make and keep friends, and they give the kids a chance to practice those learned skills in a group setting.

Teaching our clients safety in all situations is one of the most important parts of our mission. Kids on the autism spectrum often have difficulty discerning the motives behind some types of interaction with peers, and so we do a lot of role playing to give them the “scripts” they need to draw on when faced with social dilemmas. It’s just as important to teach them how to read a friend or situation as it is to teach them to say “NO” with conviction.

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