Stand Up9

Each year 100 Parkway Freshmen from our four high schools get the chance to attend the Stand UP9 Leadership academy. This event is a 1 day barrage of leadership development, learning the safe and Drug Free opportunities within Parkway and a chance to learn about and put to rest social norm myths that occur at each of their high schools.

This year the event, held on Tuesday February 13, is to be hosted at Amp UP off Manchester Road. During this jammed pack day we work with our students to help them see what leadership can look like within themselves and within a team. Most importantly, encourage them to look at themselves as a leader and ask the question, what can I do to help my fellow students in living safe and drug free?

The focus of the afternoon space is to learn about what social norms are and how we can work as a school team to dispel the social norm myths in each school.

  • For example, a student might be walking down the hall and hear someone talking about a party last weekend. The story teller says something like, “everyone was there and everyone was wasted, it was great.”

Now, the questions that we want our students be answered are, was everyone there, maybe the student who overhead that conversation did not attend or maybe they did attend and decided not to drink so they weren’t wasted. Those are myths that high school students hear all the time and we want to put those falsehoods to rest. We want students to know that you can have an amazing HS experience without drugs and alcohol and the Stand UP9 students have a chance to learn this in an interactive way.

Each HS will break up into groups of 4-5 and each group will get chance to create something that shares these myths and share how to dismiss them. Each group will make a poster to hang in their school, or a social media campaign or a video to share with their friends and family on what these false statements look like and how to get past these tall tales to see the truth.

Our website get the opportunity to host every one of these posters, posts and videos on this site and we are excited to see what comes of this amazing day. Check out a few posters, posts and videos that were made at Stand Up9 2017 and check back to see the 2018 products.