H.E.A.L. : Stop Heroin

H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin is a coalition that started as a grass roots organization to spread awareness about the opiate epidemic. We have grown and services now include: Resource Tables, Share Our Story, Narcan Training and Distribution, Safe Medication Disposal Bags, Locking Prescription Bags, Walks to help spark conversation and swag to help spread awareness.

Since our son’s death in 2014 to an accidental heroin overdose, it has been our mission to share with the community our story in order to educate and spread awareness about the dangers of opiates and other harmful drugs both legal and illegal. We want to empower others with the knowledge that we have gained throughout this journey for the purpose of prevention, early intervention, and
harm reduction.

To follow H.E.A.L. Stop Heroin visit https://healstopheroin.org/