Community Resources

We want this community resources page to be a place for our partners to share resources with each other, as well as with our community as a whole. We will keep this page updated with resources that are current and useful. If you are in need of resources you don’t see on this website or if you have resources that you would like to have included, please contact us.

Alliance For Healthy Communities Resource List

This directory was compiled the Alliance for Healthy Communities (AHC) in order to provide a listing of youth-family resources accessible to the communities of west central St. Louis County. The purpose of this directory is to enhance awareness of, and access to, local resources specific to positive youth development and family wellness. The information provided was gathered through online surveys of area residents as well as through research of larger, regional directories.

AHC - Resource List

Community Resources

Call to Action
Parents, Neighbors and Community

24-Hour Medication Drop Boxes –
St. Louis Area Locations

Taming the Beast Within: Managing Teenage Anxiety

The state’s Minor in Possession Law (MIP) has beenexpanded to include possession by consumption

Regarding learning, performance,
healthy development and the law. It’s a Big Deal!

Party Management 101
Planning + Supervision = Safety

Comprehensive listing of St. Louis bi-state area substance abuse and addiction treatment and prevention resources

A listing of medication safes available on

Use this link to request a household, disposable medication deactivation kit.