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Alliance for Healthy Communities

Alliance for Healthy Communities (AHC) is a grant funded, grass roots coalition that has taken up the challenge of identifying and changing community conditions that enable alcohol and drug abuse, as well as mental health and suicide risks, among area youth. AHC serves the communities within the footprint of the Parkway C-2 School District by providing a platform for building partnerships and collaboration between individuals and organizations from across our region.

Through the work of AHC partners, targets for change are identified and actions undertaken that, sustained over time, will reduce the rates of youth substance abuse and the resulting harm.


AHC’s strength depends directly upon the scope and commitment of community partners. AHC’s initiatives have the greatest impact when they involve the broadest range of stakeholders. AHC represents an opportunity for anyone anyone willing to help strengthen the communities kids need.

Service Opportunities

Alliance for Healthy Communities represents a wide range of ways community members can contribute to reducing alcohol and drug abuse among area youth. Becoming and staying informed about drug use trends, sharing information with others, following and sharing AHC on social media, attending AHC meetings and assisting with AHC events are all ways to contribute to collective efforts to safeguard area youth from the destruction of alcohol and drug abuse.

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Involved Parents

The attachments between parents and their children are of foundational importance in child development. No one in a child’s life has more capacity to influence character, self-esteem, learning and behavior than a parent. Parents who leverage their importance by taking the initiative to talk with, and listen to, their kids about difficult life challenges, strengthen their kids’ abilities to make healthy life choices.

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Regardless of your age, station or affiliations, you can make a difference in our community through participating with Alliance for Healthy Communities. Your time, networks, creativity, knowledge, energy and compassion can make AHC stronger and expand our reach. You can help our efforts by assisting in our meetings and events, helping us distribute information, participating with our social media and online surveys, sharing community connections and partnerships and advocating with us for important changes in policies and practice.


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