Prom Safety –
PROMise to be
Safe, Sober and Drug Free

Simple Tips for Parents

1. Know the Plans

  • Who’s driving- to and from- Think twice about allowing your under-classman child to travel and party with upper-classmen.
  • Who’s going- names and numbers- for children and parents.
  • Where and when- dinner, dance and after party locations, sequence and contact info.
  • Curfew- they really don’t need to stay out all night or until all hours.
  • Touch base- text or quick calls to confirm all is well.
  • NO PLAN CHANGES without your involvement.
  • Wait up to happily hear all the fun stories.

2. After Party Safety

  • NO ALCOHOL or other drugs.
  • Location, supervision and time frames.
  • If kids leave the party, they can’t return.
  • Food and beverages available are provided, not brought in.
  • If more than one party invitation is received, have your child pick one and avoid “party hopping”.
  • Offer to help the hosts, or if you’re hosting, ask for help.

3. General Safe Practice

  • Keep garage doors closed- “Garaging” is a common means for bolder teens to access alcohol.
  • Keep alcohol and medications safely locked out of sight to reduce temptations and access.

Provide a Safety Net

  • Talk candidly with your child about balancing safety and fun. Ask about their expectations and concerns.
  • Provide an “out” for your teen. Be available to “rescue” them from unsafe circumstances – provide the ride or money for taxi.
  • Communicate/network with other parents to assure shared expectations.
  • Take stock of your alcohol and lock it up. Consider it “age appropriate cabinet latching”

Things to Know

Revised MIP Statute:

The Missouri Liquor Control Law (Chapter 311.325) states that if it can be shown that a minor has consumed alcohol, the minor can be charged with Minor in Possession (MIP). It is no longer necessary for possession of containers, open or otherwise, as a basis for arrest and legal BAC for minors is .02.

Local Curfew Laws

Throughout the Parkway region, it is unlawful for anyone under the age of 17 to be in a public or unsupervised place between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM Sunday-Thursday and 12 Midnight to 6 AM Friday-Saturday, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Social Hosting Liability

The city of Chesterfield and the state of Missouri have laws that specifically prohibit adults allowing underage drinking on their property- wittingly or not. An adult’s absence, or ignorance of the alcohol provided, does not remove liability under these laws.

Anonymous reports

Anonymous reports of suspicious activity or party plans can be made to your local police departments at the following numbers: